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Welcome to Fax2Email. Your Complete Digital Faxing Solution.

What is Subscription Fax2Email?

Our Subscription "Fax2Email" service allows you to receive an 011 geographical number which allows you to receive INTERNATIONAL faxes though your email as well as LOCAL faxes though your email. Receiving faxes through our FREE Fax2Email service has always been limited to local numbers. Receiving of faxes from an international destination could not always be guaranteed but with the introduction of our Subscription Fax2Email service, we are now able to make sure that anyone around the world will be able to send you a fax which you will receive directly to your email inbox.

How does Subscription Fax2Email Work?
  • Someone sends a fax to your 011 number from a land line
  • The hard copy fax is routed to a fax server
  • The fax server receives the fax and converts it to a TIFF or PDF
  • The server looks up the email address the 011 604 number is linked to
  • The digital fax is sent to your email
  • You receive the digital fax in your inbox as an attachment
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