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Welcome to Fax2Email. Your Complete Digital Faxing Solution.

What is Fax2Email?

  • "Fax2Email" is a system that allows you to receive all your LOCAL incoming faxes through an 086 number that is linked to your email address.
Most people have a basic understanding of how a fax machine works. The concept is simple - a fax machine scans a document, encodes the information and transmits it across a telephone line. The fax machine on the other end of the line decodes the signal and prints a facsimile of the document.

With the FoneWorx Fax2Email system the concept stays the same but with a virtual office twist where the PC & Internet take the place of the receiving fax machine.

How does Fax2Email Work?

  • Someone sends a fax to your 086 number from a landline fax machine.
  • The hard copy fax is routed to a fax server.
  • The fax server receives the fax and converts it to a TIFF or PDF.
  • The server looks up the email address the 086 number is linked to.
  • The digital fax is sent to your email.
  • You receive the digital fax in your inbox as an attachment.
Benefits and Features of your FREE Fax2Email Number:
  • Free Fax2Email registration.
  • Cost effective & eco-friendly solution.
  • No hardware, software or line rental costs.
  • Secure Fax Enabled.
  • Online Admin Portal.
  • Mac & PC compatible.
  • PDF & TIFF Format.
  • Receive national faxes.

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