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Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQ)

All you need is your own personal Fax2Email number, email address, web browser and access to the internet.
Fax2Email - FoneWorx South Africa will allocate you a personal FAX number and link this number to your e-mail address. When a FAX is sent to your number, the FoneWorx FAX server platform answers the Fax and then converts it into PDF or TIFF format. This attachment is then delivered to the e-mail address that you used when you registered for the Fax2Email service.
Web2Fax/Email2Fax - There is no subscription fee. All you need to do is load funds onto your existing account. You can then send faxes to any destination in the world via Web2Fax/Email2Fax.

The FoneWorx online faxing service is a complete end to end solution which gives you the added value of not needing a fax machine or fax line saving you time and money.

Tip: In addition to having an online faxing solution and should you ever require the need to scan a document, simply have it faxed to your own number and receive a scanned copy in your e-mail inbox.
Once your FAX has been answered on the FoneWorx Enterprise Fax Server Platform, the delivery process takes only 2 minutes once the FAX is processed. However this is dependent on your e-mail service provider or administrators quality of service.
You will receive a SMS and an e-mail from FoneWorx advising you of your FAX number. You will receive a further SMS and e-mail once your FAX number has been activated and ready to receive FAX transmissions. If you have funds in your Web2Fax/Email2Fax account, this can be used immediately to send faxes.
There are 2 options for Fax2Email.

Free Fax2Email - is a 086 number that is linked to your email address.

Subscription Fax2Email - is a (011) number that is linked to your email address. For an individual user the cost is R150 for a 6 month subscription and R250 for a 12 month Subscription.

Web2Fax/Email2Fax - Rates for sending to all destinations can be seen on the website and can be amended from time to time.
Fax2Email - You will be allocated your own personal Fax2Email number at no cost. The person (the sender) who sends a fax to your number (the receiver) will be charged the Fax2Email tariff per minute. There are no costs for you to receive a fax i.e. sender pays, and you receive for free.
You will be able to send all word, excel, text and pdf documents. As many pages as you want but not bigger than 500kb each and up to 5 different documents at any time.
A confirmation email will be sent to you along with the delivery reports indicating whether your fax has been successful or not.
Secure Fax is a benefit where you can receive encrypted, password protected documents. You can have all your faxes sent via secure fax...or only activate this function when you are expecting a confidential or content sensitive fax. To activate secure fax, simply change the format in which you receive your current faxes from PDF/TIFF to Secure Fax. This is changed in the "My Profile" section using the drop down box under "Fax2Email Settings" Once the fax is sent to you, you will receive an email notification with a security code. Log into the website, using your username and password and click on secure fax. Then use this code to unlock your fax and access the document.
30 Days. Once you unlock your fax we will store it for 7 days. You can at any time print, email or save the document during this period.
If you do not renew your subscription by the expiry date, your FAX number will continue to answer any Faxes sent to it. These Faxes will however not be delivered to your e-mail address until the subscription fee has been paid. Faxes received will also only be kept for 7 days until they are automatically deleted by the servers. So it is important to ensure that your renewal payment is received by FoneWorx no later than 7 days after the expiry date. Should you ignore further payment request notifications, your FAX number will be withdrawn from use after 30 days and you will have to re-apply for a new Fax2Email number. All funds in your Web2Fax/Email2Fax account will be forfeited. In order to continue to use the Foneworx Fax Services you will have to renew your subscription TO ONCE AGAIN SEND OR RECEIVE FAXES.
Call our customer care number or e-mail them to receive prompt attention. Changing your e-mail address will not mean a delay in receiving Faxes to your new address. Changes made are instantaneous. You could also LOG IN TO YOUR PROFILE AND CHANGE IT ON THE PORTAL.
Call our customer care number or e-mail them, they will be able to give you a complete list of Faxes received. If the FAX was received by the FAX Platform but not delivered to your e-mail address for some unusual reason, the operator can resend your FAX to you again. Please note our support staff cannot read the content of any Faxes on the system.
No one at FoneWorx can access your FAX documents. All faxes are kept encrypted until they leave our servers and are then in the control of your e-mail service provider.
FoneWorx only keeps encrypted copies of faxes for 7 days. They are then systematically deleted. Only faxes less than 7 days old can be recovered.
Call Customer Care and they can walk you through the process on how to register for a Corporate Account.
  • During business hours and based on payment being received by FoneWorx, your fax line can be LIVE within 2 hours.
  • FoneWorx has a fair usage policy of 100 fax transmissions per month per subscriber. If this is exceeded FoneWorx reserves the right to levy additional costs per transmission received thereafter.
  1. Your Billing Information will be determined by your email address which appears in the Email2Fax From image section of your email.

  2. Open up a new email

  3. In the Email2Fax TO image box of the email enter the recipient's fax number @faxemail.co.za for example 0112314567@faxemail.co.za
    Email2Fax single send example image

  4. To send to multiple fax numbers, each destination needs to be separated with comma (,)
    Email2Fax multiple send example image

  5. In the subject field of the email please enter the name of the person for whom the fax is intended followed by any message in the body of the email.
    Email2Fax subject image

  6. Email2Fax Paper clip imagAttach the documents to the email you wish to send (Fax) in the normal way.
    To send your fax click SEND button.
    Note that files with the following extensions are only accepted: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .txt, .rtf, .odt, .ods, .pdf, .html
    Email2Fax Attach image

  7. The fax will be sent to the intended recipient.

  8. Please note: We recommend the total file/s size not exceed 2.5MB. However your internal server restrictions may be less than suggested
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